Ransomware could be the Biggest Security Threat in 2016

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 November 24, 2015

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

While the list of security threat predictions for 2016 is long, the one that concerns home users the most is linked to ransomware – a malicious program that either locks the infected system or encrypts its data. Once it has done that, it asks for a ransom to let go...

New Ransomware Alert! TeslaCrypt is After Your Game Files

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 March 27, 2015

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The ransomware menace is becoming a sore of the Internet. Just last month, we had released an extensive blog post about the alarming growth in ransomware attacks across the world. There are around 12 families of ransomware detected in the wild as of now. And joining the gang is a...

Alert: Ransomware Infections on the Rise

 February 5, 2015

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Overview: Over the last year or so, there has been tremendous growth in the number of ransomware attacks that have been spotted in the wild. Cybercriminals have effectively cracked this ‘business model’ and are generating a significant amount of money through this attack mechanism. What was once an attack technique...

Simplocker – Android Ransomware Alert!

 June 11, 2014

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Last year, we came across a malware named Android Defender. This malware, once inside the victim’s phone, locks the device and demands a ransom to unblock it. This malware is classified as a screen-blocker type ransomware. But now, it seems like hackers have stepped up their game. A new Android...

Tips to Identify Fake Antivirus

 April 11, 2014

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“Antivirus here and there, which one to trust…” Okay that might be a bad phrase, but you get the point right. Fake antivirus software are in line with some of the major threats prevalent on the Internet today.  Many people have ended up paying money for such software which are...

Online Ad Campaigns Mimicking as the CryptoLocker

 March 10, 2014

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CryptoLocker is a recently discovered Windows malware that encrypts user data and makes it unusable. It demands the user for a certain amount of money (ransom) to decrypt the data. As of December, 2013, the creators of CryptoLocker were able to pull in $30 million in just 100 days. So,...